Hello, we’re Ayamekai.

Ayamekai believes that when you enjoy what you’re learning, you can keep at it and eventually master it. We’re enjoying mastering aikido – a martial art that can be rigid and is rooted in one of the oldest Japanese martial arts – in a relaxed atmosphere with people from around the world.

Ayamekai’s passion

Just because we’re not rigid, that doesn’t mean we’re not serious. We’re serious about evangelizing the teachings of Renshinkai aikido, the style we belong to. Ayame as in Ayamekai is Iris in Japanese. We have a strong “faith” in the “message” of “friendship” from aikido, all of which are what Iris stands for.

Ayamekai’s diversity

Ayamekai is co-run by Kaz, a Japanese instructor who’s lived in the United States for 11 years, and Jon, an American instructor who’s lived in Japan for over 19 years. Together with them, students of various nationalities with different walks of life are learning aikido in bilingual classes.

Ayamekai classes

We’re currently training at 2 locations with different courses each.

Ichikawa-shi, Chiba: Family Course, General Course
Meguro-ku, Tokyo: Children Course, Self Defense Course

Check out here for more details.

Wanna join Ayamekai?

Nothing complicated. Just drop us a line.